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Our Classes

We are delighted to present a diverse array of classes that cater to dancers of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're taking your first graceful steps or seeking to refine your technique, our expert instructors are here to guide and inspire you. From classical ballet to rhythmic tap, energetic hip-hop to soulful contemporary, we have something for everyone. So, slip into your dance shoes and join our warm and welcoming community, where the joy of movement awaits. Come dance with us and let your spirit soar on the dance floor!

Dance With Me (ages 2-3)

These classes are a great way to introduce your toddler to creative movement and dance! Your dancer will develop confidence, improve focus and concentration, and develop crucial social skills!

Mini Acro (ages 5-7)

Mini acro focuses on building flexibility, balance, strength and control.  With careful and quality instruction, our dancers will learn to combine classical dance technique with precision Acrobatic work.

Musical Theater (ages 5 & up)

Step into the spotlight with our captivating Musical Theater class at Edge! Unleash your inner performer as we embark on a magical journey where dance, drama, and music collide.

Contemporary (ages 8+)

Contemporary dance is an expressive genre. This style combines different elements of ballet, jazz, modern, and lyrical dance techniques. Contemporary dance connects the body to the mind and allows the dancer to create powerful movement.

Ballet (ages 7+)

Discover the beauty of classical ballet, the joy of expressing emotions through movement, and the sense of accomplishment as you perfect each plié and pirouette. No matter your age or experience level, our ballet program is a place where dreams take flight, and the joy of dance becomes a timeless part of your heart. Come twirl, leap, and pirouette with us – the magic of ballet awaits!

Hip Hop (ages 8+)

Our Edge Hip-Hop classes use foundational movements in a fun and upbeat environment. Students will work on exercises to help with core strength and stamina while learning the extensive styles of Hip Hop dance.

Multi Edge
(ages 4-6 OR 6-8)

Our Multi-Edge classes give our young dancers the opportunity to sample Ballet, Tap and Jazz basics in a one hour class. These foundational classes are important for our young dancers' training.

Mini Hop (ages 5-7)

Get ready for a hip-hopping adventure where we introduce the foundations of Hip Hop to our youngest dancers. Our Mini Hop class is all about fun, energy, and getting those happy feet moving to the rhythm.

Acro (ages 8+)

Acrobatics combines dance technique with acrobatic elements. Acro classes focus on flexibility, balance, strength and control.  With careful and quality instruction, our dancers will learn to combine classical dance technique with precision Acrobatic work.

Jazz (ages 8+)

Jazz dance is a form that showcases a dancer's originality.  The movement in a Jazz class is fun and energetic.  A ballet background strengthens Jazz work and helps the students foster technical ability, musicality, and performance skills.

Tap (ages 8+)

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our tap classes are all about embracing the rhythm, having a blast, and making some sweet music with your feet! So, grab your dancing shoes and let's tap into the fun together!

Unleash your inner dancer without breaking the bank – affordable dance class pricing for all!

What Our Families Say

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Donna K.

"My daughter has been dancing at Edge for 7 years and she loves it here. The teachers are wonderful with the students on all levels. They help the students strengthen their skills and reach for new heights. And they make you feel like your part of the Edge family. We wouldn't go anywhere else."
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