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Studio Dress Code

Dress to impress, dance style!

Welcome to our Studio Dress Code page, where we believe that the right attire can elevate your dance experience to a whole new level of awesomeness! Don't worry; we've got all the style tips and dress guidelines you need to look and feel fabulous in class. So, whether you're pirouetting in ballet or grooving in hip-hop, we've got you covered. Let's dress the part and dance with flair! Check out our dress code recommendations below and let's get ready to shine together!

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Coming to the Studio for a Trial Class?  Wear clothes you can comfortably move and dance in.  We can review any dance wear needs once you choose your class!

Click here to see photos of dress code examples. 

Dance with Me:

Pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. Pink skirts are optional.


Multi-Edge 4/6:

Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, tan tap shoes.


Multi-Edge 6/8:

Black leotard, tan tights, tan jazz shoes, tan tap shoes.


Ballet & Pointe:

Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.


Jazz and Tap:

Black leotard, tan tights, black shorts, tan jazz shoes or tan or black tap shoes.



Black shirt, black shorts, leggings or capris, clean sneakers.



Black leotard, footless tights and bare feet. No loose fitting clothing may be worn.



Black leotard with convertible tights. Footwear will be determined by the instructor. Pajama pants & baggy clothes are not acceptable in class.


Winter recommendations:

In cold weather, black cover-ups may be worn, however once class warm up is completed they must be removed.


Hair should be worn off the face, with longer hair secured in a bun. Please do not wear earrings or jewelry to class. 

Edge Dance Partnership with Discount Dance Supply:

Our students can easily order dance items from Discount Dance Supply. Please support our studio by using our unique code: 48456.  First time customers will receive an 8% discount. 

Shoes and footwear for classes:

Links for Specific Items are listed below - follow sizing guidelines found on each page.  

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