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Studio Calendar - 2020/2021

We are excited to share our studio schedule for Season XV! Check it out now:

Sept. 14 Classes Begin

Oct. 26-30 Dress Up Week

Oct. 31 Halloween-Studio Closed

Nov. 15 Costume Deposits Due

Nov. 25-28 Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 23 -Jan 3 Winter Break

Jan. 15 Costume Balance Due

Jan. 18 MLK Day/Studio Closed

Feb. 17 Pres. Day/Studio Closed

March 26 Edge Co. Comp Pictures

April 1-10 Spring Break

April 18 Picture Day at Lumberton

May 2 Picture Day at Lumberton

May 3 Summer Reg. Begins

May 17 Pre-Registration for 2021/22

May 27 Last Day of Regular Classes

May 28-31 Mem. Day/Studio Closed

June 1/3/4 Tentative Dress Rehearsal

June 5-6 Tentative Recital

July 5 Summer Classes Begin

Sept. 13 2021 New Season Start

**Check Web Site Calendar for Updates! Recital Dress Rehearsal dates are tentative until approved by BT - BOE.

**Dance schedule does not always follow school closing schedule – please mark your calendars.

**Inclement weather closings will be announced on Social Media, Studio Voicemail and Email.

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