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Season #14 - Summer Performance

Due to COVID-19, our 2020 recital will be taking place at the Burlington County Agricultural Center.

Outdoor Performance #1 - Wednesday, July 15h

Outdoor Performance #2 - Thursday, July 16th

Outdoor Performance #3 - Friday, July 17th

Event Link for Wed. July 15th:

Event Link for Thurs. July 16th:

Event Link for Fri. July 17th:


Burlington County Agricultural Center

500 Centerton Rd, Moorestown, NJ 08057

All class rehearsals and show assignments have been emailed. For any questions about rehearsals, please click here for our rehearsal schedule. 

“In Studio” Rehearsal Guidelines:

  • The studio lobby will be closed!  Parents (with masks on) will bring their dancers to the studio door once their class is called to start rehearsal.  

  • Parents should return to their car during the rehearsal. Parents are not permitted into the studio at this time.  

  • Students should wear masks as they enter and exit the studio.  Masks are encouraged for dancers while rehearsing but remain optional.  (*Subject to change) 

  • Students will use hand sanitizer on their way in and out of the studio.  

  • Edge Staff will wear masks during rehearsals.  

  • Students should respect the Social Distance Spaces assigned to them and not approach staff unless requested to do so.  

  • Parents are asked to assess their child’s health before coming to the studio.  If your child or any member of the household seems unwell or has any symptoms of illness, do not bring the dancer into the dance studio.  

  • Dancers are not to bring bags or extra belongings into the studio.  Multi Edge dancers should wear jazz or ballet shoes for rehearsal of both dancers.  Please leave their tap shoes at home for rehearsal.  

  • Temperatures may be taken at the door upon arrival.  

  • Please ensure that dancers are on time for rehearsal and picked up promptly.  There is not lobby space available.  

Performance Procedures and Protocol:  STEPS TO A GREAT PERFORMANCE!

  • ALL dancers must be registered for the event in order to participate.  

  • Students should be dressed and ready to perform upon arrival.  

  • Bring only necessities with you.  All belongings will have to be held. 

  • No Food or Beverages are allowed in the Performance or waiting areas.  Water only please.  

  • Audience members and students should be wearing masks. 

  • Restrooms are public to Burlington County Park.  We recommend using only if absolutely necessary.   

Station 1:

  • Large white tent for student and two audience member check-in. Students will receive their program, certificate with pin and any awards received.  Hand sanitizer station will be available.  

Station 2: 

  •  “On Deck” meeting area with Edge Instructor/Staff member.  Audience Members are asked not to enter the Performance area until their dancer is performing.  Please keep loud noises and distractions to a minimum while the other class performs.  

Station 3:

  • Performance Area.  Dancers will remain with their Edge Instructor/Staff member and audience members will move to a demarcated area assigned to them. Non-flash photography and video may be taken as long as it does not obscure the view of anyone seated or standing behind you.   Audience members will remain in their assigned area until their dancer joins them at the conclusion of their performance.  Both dancers and audience will quickly exit the barn and performance areas upon the conclusion of the performance. 

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