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Recital Tips!

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to get through this year's recital! Read the tips below to make recital weekend easy for you and your dancer!

Mini Hop on stage at our 13th Annual Recital!

Recital Tip #1: Label everything!

Get ready! We have a full week of tips and tricks on how to survive recital week for you.

Recital Tip #2: Dress rehearsal is important!

Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled time slot. This will make sure your dancer is prepared before taking the stage!

Recital Tip #3- Don't Stress!

Recital week is officially here! For any last minute questions, the best way to contact us is through email. Please send any last minute questions or concerns to admin@edgedancecenter.

Recital Tip #4: Does your dancer have a quick change? Layer tights to save time!

Recital Tip #5: Always pack an "oops" kit! It's always better to be extra prepared! Tights rip, costumes break, and accidents happen! Don't worry, we will also have a kit backstage prepared for any situation! Recital Tip #6: Be grateful!

Recital Tip #7: Enjoy the show! The day is finally here, and we can't wait to see everyone!

Don't forget to tag us in your photos! #EdgeProud #EdgeDanceCenter

Recital Reminder: No Photography Permitted!

All DVD's can be purchased at the recital or after. They will be available for pick up during the summer.

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