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Dance Safe

Hi Parents and Dancers,

We hope you are enjoying your Summer! We are very excited to see our dancers back in the studio starting on Monday.  Other than show rehearsals, these are the first classes we are holding since March.  Our instructors cannot wait to get started.  

Please let us know if you have any questions about your classes or class schedules.  We have made some small changes to our schedule and you would have been notified if it applied to you.  You can also check your class schedule by visiting your Customer Portal or by using the Edge Dance Center App on your mobile device.  

If you are registered for a Simulcast class - the class links will be sent out generally around 4pm each week on your dance day. 

Thank you for participating in our Summer Session 2.  We will see you in class beginning on August 3rd.

We are back in the studio!  “Dance Safe” Updated Guidelines for Summer Session 2:

  • Parents are asked to assess their child’s health before coming to the studio.  If your child or any member of the household seems unwell or has any symptoms of illness, do not bring the dancer into the dance studio.  Classes may be made up at a later time.

  • The studio lobby will be closed!  Parents (with masks on) will bring their dancers to the studio door once their class is ready to begin.  

  • Parents should return to their car during the class. Parents are not permitted into the studio at this time.  

  • Students should wear masks as they enter and exit the studio.  Masks are required in class. 

  • Students will use hand sanitizer on their way in and out of the studio.  

  • Edge Staff and faculty will be wearing masks.  

  • Students should respect the Social Distance Spaces assigned to them and not approach staff unless requested to do so.  

  • Upon entering studios, students may leave their personal belongings in an assigned space.  

  • Dancers are not to bring bags or extra belongings into the studio.  

  • Temperatures may be taken at the door upon arrival.  

  • Please ensure that dancers are on time for class and picked up promptly.  There is not lobby space available.   

  • Sanitation stations will be available at the entrance of each studio. 

  • Dance rooms, lobbies and restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.    

  • Dance wear sales by appointment only.  Email for needs:

  • EDC will uphold a notification policy in which all Edge families will be notified if there is any indication of direct Covid 19 contact in our studios. 

**These procedures are subject to change based on local and state regulations. You will be notified of any changes through email.

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