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Biggest Accomplishment in Dance?

"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor, it's to enjoy each step along the way."

Favorite Part About Edge:
Watching all the dancers grow!  Early Edge to Edge Company - watching them improve and grow each year is so rewarding.

Ms. Jacque

As Partner and Business Director, Jacque is very passionate about dance and remains active in directing the three studio business, the competitive Edge Company group in addition to managing instructors and staff at Edge Dance Center.  


Jacque’s early years of dance and cheer started at the age of 4 at a local dance studio and continued through college.  She brings years of experience in regional competition, national competition, travel performance, professional performance, workshops and countless shows.  


Jacque is currently married with three wonderful children. She has been able to share her passion for dance with her family throughout the years, and you may see her husband, Mick, appearing in our annual Dancin’ Dads routine during the recitals!


Jacque’s greatest desire for the studio is that every child feel loved and accepted, while being empowered to discover their own passion in life and dance! Jacque believes it is vital to be present in her students and parents’ lives. She desires to infuse her passion, creativity and love of dance into studio locations with the help of her amazing instructors and staff!

Jacque prides herself on teaching the dancers life lessons as well as dance. Her positive energy in the studio is what makes our studio a family.

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