Edge Company - Competition Teams

Edge Dance Center provides their dancers with the opportunity to showcase their technical dance skills in a competitive setting through the Edge Company Program.  Dancers that are training to compete attend multiple classes, workshops and technique sessions.  This disciplined approach to dance allows our dancers to compete nationally with some of the industry's finest dancers.  

Edge Company Important Dates

Nov. 17th - Groove Workshop in King of Prussia (All Edge Co)

Jan. 12th - DMA Workshop

March 13th-15th - True Talent (Optional)

March 20th - Edge Company Picture Day

March 27th-29th - Precision Arts (All Edge Co)

May 1st-3rd - Onstage NY in Manahawkin (All Edge Co)

May 15th-17th - That’s Entertainment (All Edge Co)

June 4th - Edge Co Picnic

June 9th - Edge Co Teen Dinner

July 13th-19th - USTD Nationals in AC (All Edge Co)