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Fun Fact: 
"I really enjoy traveling and immersing myself in different cultures. I have been to:
Iceland, Italy, Spain, England and Costa Rica. I hope to continue exploring!"
Favorite Quote:
“The body never lies” by Martha Graham.
Lynch-ComerAna_Headshot (1).jpg

Ms. Ana

Ana Patricia Lynch-Comer (Staten Island, NY) began her formal training at Talent  Unlimited High School under the instruction of Wilhelmina Frankfurt and Oliver Tobin. Soon  after, at age 14, Ms. Lynch-Comer began training in the Young Artist Program at the Martha  Graham School of Contemporary Dance, mentored by Tami Alesson and Oliver Tobin. Here, she  performed repertory pieces such as Panorama and Maple Leaf Rag, both alongside the first  company at the Joyce Theater. In December 2019, Ms. Lynch-Comer received a Bachelor of  Fine Arts in Dance from the University of the Arts (Uarts). While at Uarts she has performed  works by Mark Morris, Ronald K. Brown, Sidra Bell, Curt Haworth, Dom Terrell and  Marguerite Hemmings.

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